Convenient Ways To Get In More Cardio

Here’s how stay at home moms fit in 50% more cardio into their daily routine.

The year has started, the new year’s resolution has begun, and weight loss is the number one personal challenge. The motivation is there, you have tons of supporters so what will hold you back this year. Well, the answer is time.

The problem with time is that you only have a certain amount of it. Between work, family, and life there will always be an excuse to skip the gym. So where can you make up for when priority hits? Take a look at a few unexpected ways to get in more cardio.

The Background

So how much cardio do you actually need? According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), The average person should get 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic exercise plus 2 days of strength training. This breaks down to around 30 minutes of continuous exercises or 3 ten-minute sessions per day.

When we look at this in a more simplistic manner, getting in our recommended amount of exercise can be easier to fit in. Making a conscious effort to get moving throughout the day can make a huge difference in your fitness health.

More Cardio At the Office.

1. Take the stairs. We aren’t suggesting climbing 17 flights of stairs in your business suit but try setting some time aside to get a quick workout in. In one study, people who climbed 1 flight of stairs 5 times a day burn on average an extra 302 calories for the week. And despite what you may be thinking, taking stairs two at a time did not burn more calories, it actually only burned 266.

2. Please stand up: Think of your ring tone as an alarm to get up out of the chair. Throw in a few bodyweight exercises before sitting back down (and check out this list for some great ideas).

3. Have Mobile Meeting and Call. Have you ever heard of walking meetings? Walking and talking uses 2 ½ more energy than sitting. The mobile meetings can not only help you improve your health but can build strong work relationships and camaraderie, and boost creativity.

4. Drink A Lot of Water. Drinking water is the easiest step to better health. It helps ramp up your metabolism and flush out your system. Drinking more water also causes you to go to the bathroom more often. Get in a couple of extra steps and take the long route to the bathroom. You might enjoy the alone time.

Burn More Fat in Your Leisure time.

5. Park in the Shade. Not only can you keep your car cool on those hot days you can sneak in a few extra steps. Every little bit counts!

6. Get a Burn From Chores. So what you don’t like doing them they have to get done. Turn that frown into a burn. Vacuuming can actually burn about 75 calories per half hour. Shoot washing your car can burn almost double that.

7. Do Some Chores. they have to get done, so why not make them into a workout? Vacuuming can burn about 75 calories per half-hour while washing the car uses more than double that.

8. Going Shopping? Take a lap or two around the grocery store. Not only can you explore the healthy options of the store you can burn between 75 to 155 calories per half hour. Shopping is cardio! a two-hour shopping spree uses almost 300 calories.

Make Date Night Fit Night!

9. Going out on a date? switch up from the normal dinner and a movie and get active. Try laser tag or indoor rock climbing. If you are both into fitness invite your significant other to the gym and take a class together. Get sweaty together, inside and outside the bedroom.

10. So you think you can dance. Hit the dance floor and show everybody your moves. Not only with you get the attention of that person you’ve been eyeing but you can burn 180 to 266 calories dancing to just 7 or 8 songs. Play that funky music white boy!!!

11. Family Game Nights. Game night doesn’t have to be a board game. Opt for a competitive game on Kinect or Wii Fit. Turn a normal Friday night into an exciting game expending up to three times the energy than just sitting.

In Conclusion

In weight loss, every little bit counts. Small amounts of exercise throughout the day can add up to big changes in your life, appearance, and mood. Get creative! See how much extra cardio you can fit in this week.