Easy Steps To Get Out Of Bed And Work Out In The Morning

This is for the people who want to work out in the morning but can’t.

Working out in the morning can be the best love/hate relationship. Research has shown that morning workouts can increase your productivity, impact your diet, and even improve your sleep. It frees up your evenings and helps you feel more alert.

Despite the warm and fuzzy feelings for morning workouts, no one is always excited to jump out of bed to pour sweat before work. We have all skipped our fair share of pre-work-workouts. It takes a lot to build the willpower to string together a streak of morning workouts. With a little planning and preparation, you can stay on track. Here are some simple tips to get you over the hump..

1. Work out one day a time.

Ease into a morning routine. If you have never done a morning workout start by choosing just one morning per week to workout. Choose a day you have something exciting planned for that evening to force yourself to take care of business early. Once you feel comfortable doing one day increase it to two days and then three and so on. Your mind and body will adjust to sweating before 7.

2. Find a morning workout body.

Enlist a spouse, coworker, friend, or even a frequent face at the gym to be your “accountability” buddy. When someone is relying on you to show up It’s harder to let them down. Plus misery loves company..

3. Design and follow a workout plan.

Map out your workout and rest days. Make sure to consider work, special events, and travel plans to avoid burning out. Use these days for rest days. Decide what you are going to do during the workout before you go to bed. Find exercises or classes that excite you to help you get out of bed to do them. Having an agenda allows you to budget your time more efficiently.

4. Prepare for your workout the night before.

Layout your clothes the night before. I have even heard of people sleeping in them. Pack your gym bag with all of your essentials. Make sure to have your work clothes also packed or laid out to quickly get yourself prepared for work shortly after your workout. Do whatever works best for you to get your day started without a hitch.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Think Positive.

Nothing can ruin a well laid out plan than negative thinking. So what things didn’t go as plan the day before. Today is a new day and you are in control of your happiness. Start by getting a good night’s rest. When you wake up refresh it’s easier to make the trek to the treadmill and beyond.

Morning workouts aren’t for everybody but it is entirely possible to make this a new healthy habit of yours. Focus on the planning, prep, and positive vibes to propel you a healthier you. Whatever time you choose to work out, make it count.