Short Interval Workouts are 3 Times as Effective as Longer Ones.

You Can Get a Banging Body Without Spending Countless Hours at the Gym Using Interval Training Workouts

Life can keep us pretty busy. Between work hours, family time, and social media the day can get away from us before we even breathe. This gives us a convenient excuse to skip a workout or two. The truth is you don’t have to carve out an hour everyday to get an effective workout. The real result can be gain in as little at 20 minutes using interval workouts.

The key to seeing the true results is employing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These short burst exercises require you to push your body in short bouts of exercise followed by brief rest period. This can be as simple as running in place for 2 minutes and then rest for 1 minute. Studies have shown that this type of interval training results in increased fat loss and muscle production. You want to increase your heart rate to create a burning inferno for fat. This sequence is repeated several times in a row, usually for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes.

Here are advantages of short workouts that are just as good or even better than longer ones:

1. High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts Fat Burning

Higher levels of oxygen are required to restore balance to hormones and glucose levels. This is why we struggle to catch our breath and gasp for air. This oxygen deficit triggers what experts call an excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC.

Not only does your body crave oxygen to recover, but it also needs fuel to repair muscle tissue and fibers. The body uses its fat storage to break down and oxidize fat cells and release free fatty acids to be used for fuel within the bloodstream.

These is the greatest advantages of a HIIT workout. Your body continues to burn fat long after the workout is over. Your body continues to use more oxygen and fat cell to bring itself back to a resting state.

2. Interval Workouts Can Increase Lean Muscle Growth For Sexy Abs, Butt, and Core.

HIIT workouts not only do burn a crapload of fat and calories but also increase lean muscle production. After intense interval training, your body produces muscle-building hormones such as IGF-1, which controls body tissue and bone growth in every part of the body.

In a study done in 2009, it was proven that high-intensity training also increases testosterone levels. According to The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, elevated levels of testosterone can increase muscle mass and high energy levels. This also promotes weight loss in men and women. Even in old age, if we continue to incorporate high intensity workout into a weekly regimen you will continue to produce these hormones and building lean muscle mass.

3. Interval Workouts Improve Cardiovascular Health For Healthy Hearts

Not only does HIIT exercises improve our muscle and fat burning abiltiy but also improves our ability to absorb oxygen. The VO2max or maximum volume of oxygen a person uses at a given time is a good indicator of lung and heart health but also overall fitness. VO2Max is the moment your body struggles to get enough oxygen to the muscles to continue exercising.  Recent studies have shown that interval training improved the VO2mas and overall fitness faster than basic, repetitive exercises.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, doing HIIT-type exercises allows the heart muscle to become bigger and stronger. Pushing the intensity of the workout followed by a short resting period trains your body to recover quickly. As you progress your heart will recover faster and will better utilize the oxygen levels during extended periods of exercise.

In conclusion, ditch the idea that you have to spend countless hours in the gym to reach your goals. Any extra time you can find will be ideal to get a quick workout in. Although interval workouts may not actually be 3 times as effective as regular workouts they still provide many advantages compared to other alternatives. Don’t take it easy, push yourself and watch your transformation happen. Perfection does take time but every little bit counts.